We believe you deserve natural, reliable and effective relief for what life throws at you.
We deliver the natural and effective relief you deserve in the exact dose you need.
The use of CBD is exploding across the US and the world and there are all kinds of stories and information about the therapeutic uses for it.  We believe the key to safe and effective CBD use is to leverage the highest quality, natural CBD in the best delivery system.  We have a wealth of experience in CBD, pharmaceutical and consumer goods and know that a quality delivery system can be the answer to providing effective relief.  That is exactly what Rxoid has.
Our metered dose inhaler delivers an accurate, effective and fast acting dose of CBD directly to your lungs with every use.
Rxoid is manufactored using Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) that are mandated by the FDA with respect to manufacture of all drugs and medical devices.  This means we use the highest quality parts and manufacturing processes to ensure that Rxoid upholds a quality delivery system.  It is important to do things to the proper standard in the CBD space and that is what we have set out to ensure.
Give our Rxoid MDI a try so that you can be confident in the fact that you are getting the natural and effective relief you deserve in every dose.