Aerosol Product Development & Manufacturing

Superior Delivery Systems and Formulations

We are focused on developing and manufacturing new superior aerosol delivery devices for existing active ingredients. We are actively pursuing partners in aerosol manufacturing space.

The first step in this is ensuring that all of our manufacturing follows current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) that are mandated by the FDA with respect to the manufacture of all drugs and medical devices.

This means we use the highest quality parts and manufacturing processes to ensure that every product we produce upholds a quality delivery system.  It is important to do things to the proper standard in the CBD space and that is what we have set out to ensure.

Formulations are key to good manufacturing partners and our product development team is constantly looking at new blends, APIs and extensions that are both safe and effective for people to consume.

We believe superior delivery systems and formulations are the way that companies can start to separate themselves from the pack and we want to partner with you to provide those.

In addition to developing, studying and manufacturing our own unique products, we are open to potential white label partners on a very selective basis.

Aerosol Manufacturing Ingredients

(active pharmaceutical ingredeints)



Additional non-psychoactive canaabinoids

Other Vitamin/Supplements

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